Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pens, Paper, And Planners, Oh My!

I really like office supplies. It might be a little weird, but I'm not alone; there are entire blogs devoted to office supplies! Kindred spirits.

I'm pretty happy with my pens right now. Aside from the cheap ballpoints I leave everywhere just in case I need to write something down, I use Sharpie pens and a couple of fountain pens. But, I'm always finding new notebooks & trying to find purposes for them! I really love notebooks. Like, excessively. Aside from the blogs linked to before, I have a couple of friends who share this love, so in case you're not one of them, it's not as weird as it sounds! I swear.

Right now, I have a few in-use notebooks: a 2010 planner from Target, a large squared Moleskine, a small plain Moleskine, a large Moleskine cahier, a cheap spiral notebook, and a couple of journal-type notebooks that don't really have good names or descriptions or origins (they were gifts).

I use them for a few things; the small plain Moleskine is for quotes, the planner is for, well, plans I suppose--appointments, assignments, to-dos, you know, the Moleskine cahier is what I carry in my purse for any thoughts/notes/doodles/etc., the cheap spiral is the Postsecret project notebook, the large squared Moleskine is for "focused journaling," and the two journals are a bucket list and a rambling journal.

That's a lot to have going at once, I suppose, but I have even more blank notebooks that I REALLY want to have a use for. Three one-subject Mead Five Star spiral notebooks (with nice plastic covers instead of cardboard) that I got on sale & thus couldn't resist, another Moleskine cahier, an eight-subject Miquelrius notebook, a blank silk-covered book, a notebook from Barnes and Noble....I really like all of these notebooks, too. And I keep looking at them, trying to imagine what I can use them for, because they just call out to be written in, but I can't come up with anything!

So I'm asking for your help, fellow notebook lovers. What do you use your notebooks for?

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  1. I am an office supply junkie, too, I admit it... I use notebooks for writing down things I want to remember, ideas, quotes, as travel journals, writing out outlines for articles, my running log...