Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Winning Things On The Internet

I'm kind of on a roll with the internet luck lately. I've won fudge, postcards, a book, a laptop case, a drawing set, and several other things. It's like Christmas all over again!

You, too, can win internet giveaways! Just enter.

First up on my list of links today, a quesadilla maker!! How awesome is that? I am pretty sure it qualifies as extremely awesome. Enter here.

Next up, a lunchbox! That may not sound too exciting, but wait until you hear this: the inside of the lunchbox is a whiteboard! You can write messages in it! Enter here. And, okay, technically this is for children but I am a legal adult and I think it is awesome.

I'd also like to point you in the direction of this contest to win some earrings.

And, check out Katie's Book Blog for a chance to win a couple of great books, Need and Captivate by Carrie Jones! Enter here.

I'd also suggest book lovers enter an awesome contest at In Which A Girl Reads: there will be three winners who will choose 1-3 books from a selection of 25, and there are a lot of awesome choices in there! Seriously, do yourself a favor and go check it out.

Win some cool lip balm, too! Lots and lots of flavors. This is another one from Peaches' Reviews and Giveaways. Enter here. There's another kind of lip balm being given away at the Frugal Housewife--enter that one here.

You can also win a $100 gift certificate to CSN Stores from Running Just As Fast As I Can! Enter here.

Also from CSN stores, you can win a cool serving tray from the Long Haul by entering here.

On Sugar Pop Ribbons, you can win a really cool flower necklace! Enter here.

Dali Decals has some super cool wall decorations, and Sugar Pop Ribbons is giving away a gift card! Enter here.

And who wouldn't want to win a $10 Wal Mart gift card? They have everything there! You can enter for a chance to win one here, from Let's Just Give It Away.

Also from Let's Just Give It Away, check out another cool lip balm giveaway here!

Win a shirt from and The Single Mama Review corner by entering here!

Win chocolate from Sugar Pop Ribbons by entering here! Who doesn't love chocolate? Well, my uncle, but he's just weird... :P

Also from Sugar Pop Ribbons, you can win a $100 Gift Certificate to Stella & Dot jewelry! Lots of awesome stuff. Enter here.

Again, from Sugar Pop Ribbons, you can win a $25 gift certificate to Joyful Girl Naturals. Enter here.

Sugar Pop Ribbons always has lots of giveaways, and I'd also like to point you in the direction of this one for healthy cookies!

Win bean bags! Enter here.

Here's another Softlips lip balm giveaway from The Single Mama Review Corner!

Win a backpack from The Single Mama Review Corner, too! Enter this one here.

And enter here for a chance to win Everyday Minerals makeup!

Win earrings from Bride on a Budget! Enter here.

Win a book of your choice or a $20 Amazon gift certificate here.

And, of course, this post will continue to be updated until I post something else.

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