Thursday, December 17, 2009

Things I Miss In Germany

I'm in the US right now, at home, but in January, I'm going back to school in Germany. I'm considering what I miss in Germany--some things I can bring with me in a suitcase, but some I can't. Here's a few:
  • Good Mexican food. I mean, there are "Mexican" restaurants, but I'm used to good stuff. One deal-breaker? No Mexican restaurant can be good in my mind unless they serve hot, homemade tortilla chips and fresh-tasting salsa. As opposed to stuff that comes from a plastic bag and a jar. 
  • String cheese. Is this weird? Probably. But for some reason, I really like this stuff, and haven't ever seen it in Germany.
  • Nighttime. I mean, obviously nighttime exists in Germany, but you can't do much at night. There's not much open at night. I mean, bars, obviously, and döner shops (um, semi-Turkish food), and the McDonalds in Bremen is open on Friday and Saturday nights all night, but most everything is closed. Versus, at home, I can think of, a whole lot more that's open at night, besides bars (because I'm not old enough to be hanging out in bars in the US). Stores and restaurants and lots of things. Being a night owl, I prefer American hours. 
  • English books. Of course, you can find a few English books in German bookshops, but just the bestsellers most of the time. And you can order books online, but there's something I love about just spending time in a bookstore and browsing and seeing what catches my eye! 
  • Twizzlers. Don't judge, please.
  • Goldfish crackers. Ditto. 
  • Being able to do things for myself. I need a lot more help with everyday errands like going to the bank or post office or cell phone store in Germany. It's frustrating sometimes. 
  • Television. In English. I mean, there are some English programs, and I can watch most anything online, but channel-surfing isn't really something I can do in Germany. Not that I do it much in the US, but I miss being able to!
And of course, I just miss home. My friends and family and dogs and sleeping in my own bed. But that's a given.

And there are things in Germany that I'd like to have in the US, too! I'll write that list sometime.


  1. Okay now I want some Mexican food. But for that I'd have to get up and go... and it should probably be later than 8:30 in the morning. Haha. Best thing about California? We have THE BEST Mexican food.

    Nothing in my town is open at night... Albertson's changed its hours so they close at 11pm now, which makes me SO SAD and I guess it really shouldn't, but it does.

    Also: Twizzlers are the grossness.

  2. I am moving to Japan next week so I anticipate that I will have my own list of things that I miss. The not being able to do things alone is what will inevitably cause me to crack at some stage...I like being independent but language robs you of that.

    So glad you are doing great in Germany and that you are blogging again!

  3. I find that looking friendly, pointing, and being persistent helps. But it is frustrating!

  4. I love string cheese too! And I've never seen it here in Germany.

    You have to tell me how you're able to get tv shows online. I always get that annoying error that tells me I am out of area...