Monday, December 14, 2009

Somebody famous once said....

I'm too lazy to look up who, but somebody famous, Albert Einstein maybe, once said that insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.

In that case, a large chunk of the population is certifiably insane.

Nobody's life is easy. Okay, I wouldn't mind swapping with, say, JK Rowling--writing talent and gazillions of dollars?? who wouldn't want that?--but even our idols, who ever they may be, have gone through some really hard stuff, at some point. They've screwed up, they've been screwed, and they've had days when the world seemed out to get them.

But even when the world sucks, we keep on living, we keep on hoping, and we keep on dreaming.

We look at tomorrow and say, it's going to be better then. It'll all work out.

And then it doesn't, some of the time, but we keep hoping.

We keep hoping that we'll win the lottery, or find true love, or write a New York Times bestseller. It doesn't work out, but we keep buying lottery tickets, going on sketchy internet dates, and sitting in coffee shops pounding out words on our keyboards.

And you know, that's what keeps us sane. As crazy as it might be sometimes, it's hope that keeps us sane, and keeps us going. Keeps us living.

So we keep on doing the same things, and hoping for different--better--results. And if that makes us crazy, then so be it.

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