Friday, December 18, 2009

Dinner Conversation With My Family

We were snowed in this afternoon, and I got my mother to watch Across The Universe with me. This may have been a mistake for a couple of reasons. One, she asks lots and lots of questions while watching movies. Two, she is usually unable to recognize any of the characters and asks who they are every time they're on screen. Three, she makes comments: "I can't believe those kids are doing that!" "This could never happen!" etc. And, four, this conversation.

We sat down to dinner, and she was talking about the movie, telling my dad about it. He'd never seen it, but after she tried to explain it for a minute, he said, "So, like Tommy?"

"Yes!" she said. "A lot like that."

"What's that?" I asked. Because that move was made more than fifteen years before I was even born, and I've never seen it.

"It's a movie. Like that one. But with The Who, not the Beatles," my dad explains.

"Who's Tommy?"

"He's a deaf and blind kid who plays pinball. He never loses. He's a pinball ninja."

"Um, how is that possible? You can't play pinball if you're deaf AND blind, and everybody loses sometimes."

"Not Tommy. He always gets a replay. He's a pinball wizard. He plays by feel."


"It's true!"

"Does he have some kind of supernatural power?"

"No, he's just REALLY good at pinball."

"You can't play pinball by feel. It's not possible."

"That's what you think! Anyway, it's a movie. You watch movies with impossible things. Like VAMPIRES. Those are ridiculous."

"Even a fictional universe has to have rules and logic. And from what you're telling me, there is no logical reason why Tommy is a pinbal wizard. Ninja. WHATEVER."

"It's a great movie."

Yeah, that's my family.

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  1. LOL Hilarious conversation. My favorite part was the ellipsis where you're just not sure what to say. :)